Helsinki is in global limelight at the moment. Media is live broadcasting 24/7 and Helsinki is hosting thousands of journalists as presidents Trump and Putin are having a summit at our presidential palace on Monday 16. July. Without editorializing the politics of these two heads of state, I’m excited to have all the journalists in Helsinki conveying the beauty of our capital across the globe. Allas Sea Pool, right in the heart of the city and across the street from the presidential palace, is the venue for US morning show reporters on Monday and the spot couldn’t be more brilliant. I strongly urge everyone to also check out the sauna at the pool, or the sauna on the ferris wheel on the backyard of the sea pool. So to all you representatives of media, I hope you fall in love with our country and capital even a little bit and spread the word…Continue Reading
No, this is not the North Pole. This is downtown Helsinki and a perfectly appropriate means of transportation in -15 degrees. Some call it Beast from the East, we call it perfect winter (or your ordinary Wednesday as a meme on social media stated). Nevertheless, after a long stretch of -20 temperatures the sea has finally frozen solid enough for us to make the most of it in southern Finland as well. It’s pretty convenient, when you think of it. Imagine how much more square footage we just got in the city, how many more kilometers of outdoor fun, all the shortcuts when you can just cross the waters and you don’t need to walk all the way around it and, above all, the scenery you get. Of course some of us love the water more than ice so they just cut a hole in the ice to be able…Continue Reading
Have you ever wondered where winter wonderland is? Let me tell you, it’s in Lapland. Lapland is our gem. It’s nature’s haven with a hint of magic. I have always loved exploring the globe and there are many places and countries in the world I love, but I must say Lapland is right at the top of my list of travel destinations on this planet. Let me tell you why. 1. Snow Lapland is where you find winter wonderland. The first snowfall usually comes in October and the landscape suddenly becomes untouched. Snow stays on the ground long into the spring months and the first of May is usually the last day the ski resorts are open. 2. Scenery What more can I say? Fjelds, snow, sky, pure wilderness as far as the eye can see. 3. Colors They say Polar night in Lapland is dark. I beg to differ. The colors…Continue Reading
Wednesday 6. December 2017 is a significant day for us Finns as it is the day that marks the 100th anniversary of our independence. It is the highlight of our year that has been filled with celebrations to mark the occasion. There are many great things I love about this country, one of the biggest being how this is one of the best places in the world to have a family. My daughter will get practically free medical and dental care, free top level daycare and education all throughout primary school, high school and university. It’s a wonderful country to be a mother in. Another big love of mine in this land is the nature. I have therefore selected postcards from Finland, from me to you. Happy birthday, Finland, enjoy. The day is yours.
Everyone knows Finland is the promised land of saunas. Not only do we have them in a great volume (about 3 million in a country with 5,5 million people) but we also have them in great variety. See, even though some might consider Finns reserved and serious, we go crazy with our saunas. We have floating saunas (also called a sauna raft), caravan saunas, tent saunas, smoke saunas, trailer saunas, barrel saunas… You name it, we have it. But the most impressive sauna I’ve been to was on a Ferris wheel in downtown Helsinki. Yes, you got it right. Ferris wheel. And one of the booths or compartments, or whatever you call the little boxes you travel in a Ferris wheel, was made into a sauna. What a perfect way to combine Finnish scenery and culture! Sauna traditionally plays a crucial role in Finnish bridal showers and bachelor parties and this…Continue Reading
summer soup kesakeitto-9394
Summer – so beloved in Finland we even have a soup called Summer Soup. Now is the time to enjoy season’s vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, spring onions, cauliflower and peas. Put all of these in a pot with some milk and processed cheese and boom, you have yourself a delicious food called kesäkeitto – summer soup. Of course to be accompanied with a glass of cold milk, the proper Finnish way. Yummy, healthy, and even my 1-year-old toddler loves it. Wanna try it? Here’s how. Ingredients (for best taste make sure all veggies are as fresh and local as possible) 600 ml water 10 allspice 1 teaspoon of sugar 1 teaspoon of salt 5 (500g) potatoes 3 (250g) carrots 1/2 (250 g) cauliflower 125 g processed cheese (or more if you prefer your soup even creamier) 1/2 liter of milk ground white pepper 50 g spring onions / scallion Method Peel…Continue Reading
Ah, the Finns. Nation with people unlike anywhere else in the world. Are we really so eccentric? If you agree with any of the following statements then I say congratulations, there’s a little Finn in you as well. You think it’s perfectly OK to form sentences with just one word, such as “no” followed by no explanation. You only talk when you have something to say. Greeting people with hugs and kisses is just awkward. You use the indicator when driving even if it’s in the middle of the night and there are no-one else around in a 5 km radius. You never cross the road as a pedestrian if there’s a red light. Even if there are no cars around. You hate it when a stranger sits next to you in public transport when there are plenty of seats available elsewhere. You think it’s perfectly OK to say nothing in…Continue Reading
Today is the longest day of the year. This means midsummer is here. At the moment people are packing their bags, running to collect groceries and getting ready to enjoy the midnight sun. For Finns, this celebration is close to sacred. It is beloved, cherished and always longed for. And it always involves a big discussion about the weather which everyone would love to be gorgeous but more often than not tends to be cold and rainy. Let’s see what we get this year. For me, midsummer is a summer house and the smell of birch leaves Small Finnish towns with cute little cafes A LOT of fantastic food, such as open fire crepes and bbq Sauna and swimming, for multiple hours Midnight bonfire sometimes wearing all the clothes you can possibly find since it just gets so frigging cold even though it’s midsummer the sun that you can see…Continue Reading
Visiting Helsinki but would like to experience some of the idyllic small Finnish towns as well? I listed 5 of them for you to choose from, all doable in a day whilst based in the capital city. 1. Porvoo In the top3 of oldest towns in Finland, Porvoo (founded in about 1380) has not lost it’s charm over the years. The town has 50 000 inhabitants and the most gorgeous riverside area with old timber houses, little boutiques, cafes and restaurants. Picturesque at all times, especially summer and Christmas. How to get there? Bus, rental car or boat. Distance from Helsinki: 47 km. The buses go every 30 or 60 minutes, the trip takes about 60 minutes one way and costs 8-9 euros. For more bus info check out Matkahuolto. You can also make a cruise of it and and catch m/s J.L. Runeberg through the archipelago right into the heart of…Continue Reading
187 000. According to Statistics Finland that is the number of islands in Finland with an area of at least 100 square meters. For a country our size that is a lot. This includes both the islands in the Finnish archipelago along the south and west coasts and all the islands in the 188 000 lakes that we have. Now I have fallen in love. The targets of my infatuation this summer are the islands in front of Helsinki and Espoo – and most probably in Raasepori as well as soon as we get round to visiting them. Over the years I had only visited a few of the more accessible islands in Helsinki, such as Suomenlinna Sea Fortress and Uunisaari, but now, with having brought our boat out to the sea instead of a lake for the first time, we have been able to visit places we had never heard of.…Continue Reading