Helsinki is in global limelight at the moment. Media is live broadcasting 24/7 and Helsinki is hosting thousands of journalists as presidents Trump and Putin are having a summit at our presidential palace on Monday 16. July.

Without editorializing the politics of these two heads of state, I’m excited to have all the journalists in Helsinki conveying the beauty of our capital across the globe. Allas Sea Pool, right in the heart of the city and across the street from the presidential palace, is the venue for US morning show reporters on Monday and the spot couldn’t be more brilliant. I strongly urge everyone to also check out the sauna at the pool, or the sauna on the ferris wheel on the backyard of the sea pool.

So to all you representatives of media, I hope you fall in love with our country and capital even a little bit and spread the word of this peace loving, eccentric, northern state with free speech and press. You are unusually spoilt with the weather at the moment. Enjoy a cool beverage after sauna and “cheers” (“kippis”) is really easy to say in Finnish: it is pronounced “Keep Peace”.

Presidential palace seen from the roof terrace of Allas Sea Pool