Today is the longest day of the year. This means midsummer is here. At the moment people are packing their bags, running to collect groceries and getting ready to enjoy the midnight sun. For Finns, this celebration is close to sacred. It is beloved, cherished and always longed for. And it always involves a big discussion about the weather which everyone would love to be gorgeous but more often than not tends to be cold and rainy. Let’s see what we get this year.

For me, midsummer is

a summer house and the smell of birch leaves

Small Finnish towns with cute little cafes

A LOT of fantastic food, such as open fire crepes and bbq

Sauna and swimming, for multiple hours

Midnight bonfire

sometimes wearing all the clothes you can possibly find since it just gets so frigging cold even though it’s midsummer

the sun that you can see almost all night long…

…and watching it with a glass of sparkling wine..

…for as long as I manage to stay awake.

For those of you visiting Helsinki this weekend, staying in the city doesn’t mean you don’t get to experience midsummer as there are plenty of activities on offer. The sauna part you can do either at Löyly, which is open, or at Allas Sea Pool which offers free entry on Friday afternoon. You can take a sightseeing cruise from the market square on Friday to admire all the bonfires from the sea. You can also check out the bonfires at Seurasaari open air museum or in Kaivopuisto park near Cafe Ursula.

Happy midsummer everyone, stay safe in the water!