No, this is not the North Pole. This is downtown Helsinki and a perfectly appropriate means of transportation in -15 degrees.

Some call it Beast from the East, we call it perfect winter (or your ordinary Wednesday as a meme on social media stated). Nevertheless, after a long stretch of -20 temperatures the sea has finally frozen solid enough for us to make the most of it in southern Finland as well.

It’s pretty convenient, when you think of it. Imagine how much more square footage we just got in the city, how many more kilometers of outdoor fun, all the shortcuts when you can just cross the waters and you don’t need to walk all the way around it and, above all, the scenery you get. Of course some of us love the water more than ice so they just cut a hole in the ice to be able to swim.

So from time to time, when the winter gets good enough, we have plenty of new ground to cover. And lets face it, it’s pretty cool when you can say it’s perfectly ordinary for us to walk (or cycle, ski or skate) on water.

(Just as long as you remember to be careful. Because there is water under the ice and you don’t want the ice to crack. So don’t go out too far, avoid spots where no-one else has walked and have company.)