Who would have guessed? Finns are the biggest coffee drinkers in the world. When you look at the consumption of coffee per capita, there we are. Right at the top of the list.

It’s not like our country is situated even remotely close to an area where it would be possible to grow coffee beans. But still, we consume about 12 kilos of coffee a year, per capita. Now that’s a lot.

You know what else? A legal coffee break is also officially included in the collective labour agreements of several trades in Finland. Not a tea break or just a break, but a coffee break. Personally I have breached this section of the agreement since I’ve consumed tea rather than coffee on several occasions on my coffee breaks, but don’t tell anyone.

One of my favourite places and times to have coffee is outdoors in the winter. Or autumn. Just to give you an idea, this is an example of a place where coffee has never tasted better. What do you think? Would you enjoy open fire coffee on the hillside of Levi fell with a view over the village and the wilderness of Finnish Lapland?

What? Laavu cafe, the cutest little spot to have open fire coffee, tea, sausage or crepes with a glass wall shielding from the wind and snow.

Where? In Levi, Lapland. Right next to the Ski Resort front slopes and Panorama hotel. There is a little path you can find from the farthest corner of the Panorama hotel parking lot. A couple of hundred meters and you’re there.

Anything else? Make sure to bring cash. A cup of coffee is 2 euros. And your camera as there are a couple of lookouts on the way.

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