The last few weeks have been rather icy and cold in my blog as well, so I decided it’s time to dig into the South Africa photo folder again.

In December I was all excited about my wine delivery from South Africa and now I’d like to show you where it came from.

South Africa is a renowned wine country and since 1994 and the end of apartheid the export of South African wine has increased rapidly. Instead of visiting the most popular (and crowded) wine region of Stellenbosch and Franschhoek (which I will write about later) the gorgeous R320 Wine Route of Hermanus provides an excellent alternative.

20140224-Etelä-Afrikka 2014 315

Hermanus is a small and idyllic town on the coast of Western Cape, about 120 k’s from Cape Town. Here it is on the map:

The best part of Hermanus is the Cliff Path area that stretches along the seaside and provide excellent view to the sea and the beautiful white houses. If you are visiting South Africa between May and December (especially in September or October) there’s a good chance you might spy a few whales with your little eye. Bare in mind not to take the Cliff Path back from town in the dark, though.
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We spent two nights in the Whale Away Guest House that had beautiful bedrooms, great staff and a yummy breakfast. Highly recommended!

For dinner in Hermanus I recommend the laid back La Pentola with a  French-Italian-Mediterranean fusion cuisine and ocean views, and Burgundy which is slightly fancier than La Pentola but nevertheless has a nice ambiance and great food. For both of these restaurants, remember to make a booking to get a table.
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For lunch you should definitely go on one of the great vineyards along the R320. The Hermanus Wine Route is about a 30-km stretch of road lingering between the hills with wineries one after another. If you are looking to visit some wineries in South Africa (and who wouldn’t be?), this is an excellent alternative to Stellenbosch as it is way less crowded so the visits are more intimate. We stopped at Ataraxia and Creation Wines. Both were gorgeous and the wine was beautiful.

And to our surprise and happiness, Creation Wines has an importer in Finland so we easily get some tasty memories delivered. Mm, I wonder if I should open up a bottle..?

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