Ah, the Finns. Nation with people unlike anywhere else in the world. Are we really so eccentric? If you agree with any of the following statements then I say congratulations, there’s a little Finn in you as well.

  • You think it’s perfectly OK to form sentences with just one word, such as “no” followed by no explanation.
  • You only talk when you have something to say.
  • Greeting people with hugs and kisses is just awkward.
  • You use the indicator when driving even if it’s in the middle of the night and there are no-one else around in a 5 km radius.
  • You never cross the road as a pedestrian if there’s a red light. Even if there are no cars around.
  • You hate it when a stranger sits next to you in public transport when there are plenty of seats available elsewhere.
  • You think it’s perfectly OK to say nothing in company.
  • When someone says “how are you?” you reply with at least a semi-profound summary of your recent doings and feelings. As what’s the point of asking if you don’t want an answer?
  • You have no problem showering naked in public spas and gyms
  • Yet you hate it if a neighbor you sort of know but not really, drops by and sticks around.
  • You rush into an elevator before anyone else and hit the “close the doors” -button to avoid having to chat with your neighbor for the whole 30 seconds. Alternatively, you can also stall and lurk around the corner and wait for your neighbor to go first.
  • You hate it when a shop assistant asks if they can help you.
  • You get raw chicken in a restaurant. The waitress asks if your food was OK and you reply “yes it was excellent”.
  • You think honking the horn in traffic is the same as flipping the finger.
  • Someone is sitting on a seat reserved to you in a train. Instead of asking them to move you go and find an empty seat elsewhere.
  • You fall over with a bike and break an arm. A stranger asks you if you are OK and you say you’re fine.
  • You hate it if the person behind you in a queue to the checkout counter is so close you can feel their breath in your neck. They have violated your personal space.
  • You have booked an hour for a meeting but everything is decided in 30 minutes.
  • You find it incredibly annoying when someone is 2 minutes late.
  • You are afraid of speaking a foreign language because you’re worried you might make a grammatical error.

We are wonderful, really. You get to know us and you’ll love us.

So how did you go, is there a little Finn in you? If yes, go check out Finnish Nightmares for some peer support.