We got an early Christmas present. Yummy!

Although I reckon we demonstrated highly qualified packing skills when we were able to carry ten bottles of wine home from South Africa in just two backpacks, we’ve already drunk all but one bottle. On our last trip to South Africa we visited Creation Wines and would gladly have brought back more souvenirs than we were able to carry. But no worries, the Finnish bottle-o comes to the rescue. We found out we could order Creation Wines from the local liquor store. How great is that!

Of course the Finnish liquor stores have numerous labels of  South African wine in their selection, but this particular wine is wonderful because it reminds us of that particular trip, that specific vineyard, the lovely girl working there, those vines, that scenery and warm breeze of air at the Creation Wines property. In other words, we didn’t just order six bottles of Syrah, we ordered memories. Therefore these six bottles will be opened on special occasions and sipped remembering our journey.






Etelä-Afrikka 2014 340

Etelä-Afrikka 2014 339