When traveling to the States from Europe you can be sure to wake up before sunrise for the first couple of days. I was mentally prepared to wake up at four in the morning after our first night in Miami but I pleasantly surprised both myself and J by sleeping until six o’clock. In Finland it was already lunchtime so we were pretty perky by the time we got up. J had already planned to go jogging on the beach and I was contemplating going with him. After a few minutes of trying to figure out the compass points I realised we would have perfect views for sunrise on the beach.

So I ended up stuffing by bag quickly with some breakfast, a beach towel and my camera and off we went, J jogging and me enjoying the sunrise. And clearly we were not the only jet-lagged Europeans up and about at that hour. Many others had also made their way to the beach to enjoy the gorgeous morning. And no wonder, it was gorgeous. Highly recommended!