Everyone knows Finland is the promised land of saunas. Not only do we have them in a great volume (about 3 million in a country with 5,5 million people) but we also have them in great variety. See, even though some might consider Finns reserved and serious, we go crazy with our saunas. We have floating saunas (also called a sauna raft), caravan saunas, tent saunas, smoke saunas, trailer saunas, barrel saunas… You name it, we have it.

But the most impressive sauna I’ve been to was on a Ferris wheel in downtown Helsinki. Yes, you got it right. Ferris wheel. And one of the booths or compartments, or whatever you call the little boxes you travel in a Ferris wheel, was made into a sauna. What a perfect way to combine Finnish scenery and culture!

Sauna traditionally plays a crucial role in Finnish bridal showers and bachelor parties and this summer, as a friend of mine was about to get married, we decided to take the bridal sauna to a whole new level with Skysauna. That’s why we had the rose pedals and the bunch of birch branches.

Now what’s the procedure exactly?

Well, first you book it for an hour or two, or three at Skysauna.fi. With the booking you have access to indoor showers, dressing rooms and an outdoor hot tub with views over the harbor. You are given a walkie-talkie to check when the sauna is approaching and to let the staff know you are ready for some steam time. You hop in, enjoy the steam and views (the windows do tend to go foggy, haha) and when you’re for the hot tub and refreshments, you grab your walkie-talkie again and ask the people to let you out. Don’t forget to take the radio phone in the sauna with you or you’ll end up going round and round before someone realises you want to get out.

Brilliant, I reckon. So for something unique and different, Skysauna definitely worth experiencing.

If you still have hesitations, check out my Survival Guide to Finnish Sauna.