Bird’s-Eye View over Oxford from the University Church of St. Mary the Virgin

Having graduated from the English Department at the University of Helsinki, my idea of Oxford previously had everything to do with the Advanced Learner’s Dictionary. But not anymore. Now when I think of Oxford I think of the decorative gates, blooming magnolias, Harry-Potter-like university buildings and the tasty beer I enjoyed with my hubby as we celebrated our 12-year-long journey together.

Oxford is the perfect distance for a day-trip from the Cotswolds which is why it ended up on our itinerary. It is also a perfect destination for a trip from London. We stayed in the heart of the Cotswolds, in Bourton-On-The-Water, so we hopped in our rental Mini, parked at the Pear Tree Park-And-Ride and hopped in a bus that took us to Oxford. This was a perfectly convenient way of transport as parking in Oxford can really be a pain in the backside. Besides, the city is just the right size to walk around.

Hertford Bridge

Our preparation for the day in Oxford was close to non-existent and our only plan was to take it all in and see where we end up. I’d been browsing some pictures on Pinterest but hadn’t looked any of the places up on a map. But I remembered seeing a gorgeous bridge stuck between two buildings so I was quite excited when we bumped into it. I later found out this was Hertford Bridge, quite an iconic construction in Oxford. It was finished in 1914 and ties together two buildings of the Hertford College.

But there was a bit of a pickle. A blue van was parked under it. See? Right there in the photo above. It doesn’t fit in the photo, not in the least, and bugged the *beep* out of me. J was rolling his eyes at me as I strutted back and forth and waited for the van to take off. I took a couple of photos regardless of the van, you know just in case J would get tired of waiting. Finally I decided enough is enough and we hit  the pub. The day was sunny and warm so we decided to enjoy some nice English Bombardier and celebrate our 12 years together.

And in the end, my patience was rewarded! After a couple of beers the van had left. Yay! I’m convinced at least some of you will understand. When you must get the photo, you must get the photo. So here you go: with the van and without it. Any peer support?

 Radcliffe Square and the Church Tower

There aren’t many tall buildings in Oxford, but you can find a few places to see the city from a bird’s-eye view. We chose the tower of the University Church of St. Mary the Virgin which turned out to be perfect. The church is right on the edge of Radcliffe Square and provides a gorgeous view over Oxford which makes it well worth the entrance fee of a couple of pounds. Or what do you reckon?

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