South Africa is a perfect country for road trips. The roads are for the most part in a spectacular condition, there is little or no traffic and petrol is relatively cheap. Navigating is pretty straightforward and when you are driving along a straight road for 500 k’s it doesn’t really make a difference whether you drive the car from the right or left hand side. Or at least that’s what I’ve been told, I just ride shotgun and read the map.

The first time we were in South Africa for three weeks and our route was pretty ambitious. We flew to Johannesburg, drove to Krüger National Park and from there all they way along the east and south coasts to Cape Town. That added up to about 3000 kilometers. This time we had  a bit over two weeks and we wanted to pick the best bits so we flew to and from Cape Town and took a rental car from the airport. And this is what our itinerary looked like:

Days 1-2: Cape Town

Day 3: Drive to Plettenberg Bay

Days 4-6: Tsitsikamma National Park, driving to Knysna on day 6

Day 7: From Knysna to Swellendam

Days 8-9 Swellendam, driving to Hermanus on day 9

Days 10-11: Hermanus (click!)

Days 12-15: Cape Town

All in all it turned out to be a good distance, not too short and not too long. About 1400 k’s altogether. If we’d had a day more we would have driven to De Hoop Nature Reserve from Swellendam. But better leave something for the next trip too, hey? So stay tuned for stories along the trip.