Nature, wildlife, wine.

Scents, colours, flavours.

There’s enough ingredients for experiences, and South Africa offers them all at once. I’ve fallen so completely and utterly in love with the country that yes, I intend to return. And no, it does not bother me that I’ve been there twice already. There is still plenty to see, feel, smell, taste and feel.

I recently turned thirty. Fundamentally I reckon I’d take any excuse to travel so turning even numbers makes an excellent reason for a trip. So we got us some flights from Helsinki to Cape Town and back.

The wounds of South Africa’s history are still fresh and even as a tourist you can feel them. But the country has taken giant leaps forward and the shared objective of the nation is to lead a normal life in peace.

If it is in any way possible for me to knock down some prejudice with these pictures and stories, I am more than happy to do so. Because South Africa has deserved it. I’ll begin now.

Here is a little preview of what is to come – in black and white.

Etelä-Afrikka 2014 007
Etelä-Afrikka 2014 108
Etelä-Afrikka 2014 264
Etelä-Afrikka 2014 312
Etelä-Afrikka 2014 323
Etelä-Afrikka 2014 344
Etelä-Afrikka 2014 612