Sunset seen from a cocktail bar

The best view over Helsinki is without a doubt from the cocktail bar on the 14th floor of Hotel Torni (Tower). And the best part is that while you enjoy the gorgeous scenery you can sip down a refreshment – or something to warm you up, depending on the season.

We popped in on a Saturday in October just in time for sunset. I made it to the patio a few minutes before the red sun disappeared in the horizon, just in time to witness the beautiful red sky. Beautiful this capital of ours, isn’t it?

Some practical tips:

  1. Hop in the elevator from the 1st floor instead of the ground floor if you want to fit in.
  2. Dress warmly if the weather is chilly and you don’t mind sitting outside as the space inside is rather small and often crowded.
  3. Check out the restroom with a view.
  4. Enjoy the scenery.