Hi there!

I am Eevi. I’m a Finn loving to explore, a wife to my favorite travel buddy J, a mother to a gorgeous and vibrant baby girl and professionally a media and communications specialist working as a media analyst for the Finnish News Agency. However, until July 2017 my job is to be a full-time mom at our home in Espoo.

Finnish Travel Blog is exactly what it is called: a photography travel blog born out of my passion and enthusiasm for travel, photography and the world in general. But what I enjoy most is sharing stories and photos of the beautiful country of Finland from a local’s perspective. In 2017 my birthday present to the 100-year-old Finland is to share a series of snapshots and impressions of our country and its people and customs.

I am glad you found me and my blog and I hope you enjoy it.

Cheers and welcome!

finnishtravelblog (at) gmail.com

If you prefer to read my stories in Finnish, you can find them at
Rento matkablogi.